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What Customers are Saying about Savannah Exotics

West Dakota Vet Clinic in Dickinson, ND reviewed Savannah Exotics

"We love when the more 'exotic' breeds come for a visit! Archie (darker colors) and Nova (silver) are brother and sister pair of Savannah kittens! They passed their kitten exams with flying colors and earned the cutest patients of the day!"


Carissa C reviewed Savannah Exotics in Facebook 

"Anya is a wonderful breeder and human being. Her cats are beautiful and raised in her home. When we traveled hours to pick up our beautiful F4 Savannah we got to see all the kittens and they were all so sweet and fun! Each one was sociable and we wanted to take them all home!! The only kitten my husband would agree to was our reserved F4 kitten that has turned out to be the best animal we have ever owned. He is smart, sweet, very well behaved. Never had an accident, never destroyed any furniture, always greets us (and guests) at the door. He is larger every month (he is over a year old at this point) and jumps higher than our serval kitten! I could go on and on about Anya and her cats and have nothing but good things to say."


Pamela D reviewed Savannah Exotics 

5 Star 

"About a year ago I got two kittens from Savannah Exotics and I adore them. Whiskey is an F4 and Victor is an F6. First off I have to say that they are incredibly well socialized and beautiful animals. You cannot "plan" an animals personality. I wanted a loyal affectionate cat, I had read that Savannah's could be all that and more. Victor is EXACTLY what I was looking for with a scoop of mischief thrown in to keep life interesting. Whiskey is a little more on the shy side, meaning she doesn't like strangers. When it's just family she is all purrs and cuddles - on her terms of course- she is a cat. Victor has no terms - he loves everyone. But Victor and Whiskey love each other best of all. The two are inseparable. Watching them groom each other and play is a delight. I highly recommend this breeder and her lovely, well socialized, cats who are full of amazing, sparkling personality. They will make you laugh, sigh, and roll your eyes, possibly all in the same ten minutes. That is after all a cats job. And at the end of the day you will be so much happier for the love, purrs, snuggles and crazy antics they bring into your life.  If you are prepared to give Savannah's the time, attention, and love they need I highly recommend them and I highly recommend this breeder. She does a wonderful job with her kittens. If I could handle more than two Savannah cats - which I can't - I do have three kids who also need me - LOL - I would get another kitten from her."

Charles V reviewed Savannah Exotics

5 Star
"Earlier this year we got a pair (brother and sister) from grandma Anya and couldn't be happier. Anya was professional and helpful through out the process. The kittens were healthy and well socialized. It is clear that Anya is passionate about Savannahs and it is apparent in her breeding program. If the wife would let me get more kitties, Savannah Exotics is who I would call. I had read that Savannahs bonded well with humans. That is a serious understatement. These kitties are pure love."

Alexis V reviewed Savannah Exotics

5 Star
"Anya was amazing. My husband and I looked for a Savannah for five years before getting our Thomas. We were so thrilled to finally find him. The care she gives to these babies is great. I really appreciated her driving across the state to deliver our baby in person. We look forward to purchasing more from her in the future."

Gerald  F reviewed Savannah Exotics

5 Star 

"Anya was great to work with and very informative about the Savannah breed. I bought Oliver, an F5, about a year ago. What a sweet loving and loyal cat! Oliver and Tao, my Siamese, are quite the pair. What one doesn't think of to get into, the other one does. Never a dull moment in my house."

Loren S reviewed Savannah Exotics

5 Star
"I purchased a black spotted silver F6 Savannah and couldn't be happier. I have a wonderful kitten and would recommend Anya as a reputable breeder to purchase a Savannah from."

Kayla L reviewed Savannah Exotics  

5 Star
"Anya was great. She answered all our questions about owning a Savannah kitty. Our boys are so handsome."

Amrah C reviewed Savannah Exotics  

5 star
"Anya is very professional and communicated well for the entire process of adoption--from the day the litter was born. Her cozy cattery was well-kept and all the Savannah cats seemed at ease, well-adjusted, and very open to human interaction. In spite of this, the cats still displayed very strong Serval-like personalities. In addition to getting pictures of the little ones growing, you would be allowed to visit and play with them before the final adoption day, which is a huge plus. I would definitely recommend this cattery."

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