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 Savannah Exotics
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Reserve a Pair and receive $800 discount!

Queen Pixel and King Bentley proudly present:

Two F4 Brown Tones Marble, Females (born 9/5/2019) Ready to Go $1800; 

Also Available are 2-3 year old Male "Honey Bug" and Female "Barbie"


F4 Zacoti
F4 Calypso
$1800 or $2800 for pair

 These girls are best buddies and cuddle monsters. One is a deep rich dark brown and the other has swirls of lighter brown tones. Their mom is Pixel, a gorgeous White Snow F3 Savannah and their dad is "Bentley," one of the finest F5 Savannah's we have ever produced. We breed for both looks AND personality. (See Kings and Queens page for more details.)

Also Available $1200 Young Adult "Honey Bug" F5 SBT Male

Honey Bug was bred from our finest King and Queen and was to be our new stud from that line. However, his personality was more suited to human interaction and being a pet. Thus, we decided to neuter him and make him available for you to love on as a full time family member. He is gorgeous with bright green eyes and lovely deep spotting. He's still quite young at 2.5 years of age. Contact Anya for more pics and adoption information.

Also Available $1000 Young Adult "Barbie" F4a Female

Miss Barbie was bred to be our Serval's Queen. However, at 2 years of age we have determined that she is better suited to be a loving family member. Thus, she is now available for adoption. Her parents are the regal Queen Pixel and past King Picasso. Both are stunning lovers. She has gorgeous green eyes and light brown spotting. Contact Anya for more pics and adoption information.

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