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We will have F4 & F5 Savannah Kittens available by early Spring. They will be ready to go to their new homes around 12 weeks of age. These beautiful kittens will be the creation of Queen Paisley, Queen Pixel, Queen Barbie and King Ice. Call for details!

**Available Kittens**

This adorable Snow Spotted Male F5 Savannah is little but mighty! He is always the first to adventure when new toys arrive. 

white kitten.jpg


This spunky and sassy female grey spotted F5 may be the only girl in the litter, but she holds her own when it comes to rough house time! 



This male F5 brown spotted Savannah is the biggest in the litter so far! He loves to wander around, but not nearly as much as he loves to snuggle and nurse on his mama. 


This little fluff is so cute! Brown spotted F5 male, and he is just into everything! From climbing on scratching posts, to sitting pretty ontop of the ball tower toy. He always likes to be the center of attention!

He found his HOME! :)

This handsome fella is Scout! He got his name because he is so curious and always "scouting" out the situation. His cream color is a gorgeous contrast with his dark spotting and his eyes are gradually turning into a captivating green.


She found her HOME! :)

This adorable girl is Daisy! She has a tiny, girly meow and is so fun, curious and very smart! She generally lets her brother discover things as she sits back and watches to be sure it's a smart idea.

She has vibrant markings, a silver snow with dark well pronounced spots. She has the most adorable little face and beautiful green eyes.