Marble Surface
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Currently we do not have any kittens available. We anticipate F4 and F5 kittens within the next couple of months and should be ready for their new homes come Spring 2021!

He found his HOME! :)

This handsome fella is Scout! He got his name because he is so curious and always "scouting" out the situation. His cream color is a gorgeous contrast with his dark spotting and his eyes are gradually turning into a captivating green.


She found her HOME! :)

This adorable girl is Daisy! She has a tiny, girly meow and is so fun, curious and very smart! She generally lets her brother discover things as she sits back and watches to be sure it's a smart idea.

She has vibrant markings, a silver snow with dark well pronounced spots. She has the most adorable little face and beautiful green eyes.