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 Savannah Exotics
106 Steptoe Ave, 377
Oakesdale, WA 99158

Kings and Queens

of Savannah Exotics

Our beloved sweet Pixel is a gorgeous and dear Snow Savannah, F3a with Bengal/Serval background. She consistantly produces 6-7 kittens per litter, producing both spotted and marble patterns in a variety of exquisite colors.
Queen Gui is our gorgeous panther like Black Melanistic Savannah F5SBT. She came to us from the original USA Savannah Cattery, many consider the Gold Standard. She produces remarkable brown/black spotted Serval like kittens, as well as melanistic and silver spotted.
King Ice is our own fertile Silver F4a Savannah, fathered by Savannah 
F3STB "Safari" and STB Egyptian Mau "Gauguin." He is magnificent with body confirmation and personality that have consistantly produced our finest traits.  
King Bentley is our own Black Spotted F5b Savannah, fathered by "Gui" and "Ice" shown above. His impeccable Savannah confirmation and personality show you the quality of Gui and Ice kittens. Amazing!
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