Kings & Queens

of Savannah Exotics

Marble Surface
Queen Pixel of Royal Savannah Exotics
Our beloved sweet Pixel is a gorgeous and dear Snow Savannah, F3a with Bengal/Serval background. She consistently produces both spotted and marble patterns in a variety of exquisite colors.
Marble Surface
Queen Paisley of Royal Savannah Exotics

Queen Paisley is one of Savannah Exotics own creations from Queen Pixel and King Picasso. She is the sister of Queen Barbie, is a gorgeous brown spotted F4a Savannah. She has some of the most vibrant colored kittens and is a wonderful mother. 

IMG_9808 (1).jpg
Marble Surface
Queen Barbie of Royal Savannah Exotics
Queen Barbie is Savannah Exotics own pride and joy of Queen Pixel and King Picasso. She is a stunning Brown Spotted F4a Savannah who generally has 3-4 stunning kittens per litter. She has birthed beautiful spotted babies in a variety of colors.
Marble Surface
King Ice of Royal Savannah Exotics
King Ice is our own fertile Silver F4a Savannah, fathered by Savannah 
F3STB "Safari" and STB Egyptian Mau "Gauguin." He is magnificent with body confirmation and personality that have consistantly produced our finest traits.