Marble Surface

Unlike any cat you've ever met before!

I look like a cat, but I act like a dog ... and a little bit of tiger. I'm all kinds of mischief! I will walk with you on a leash, fetch, and share your bath if you'll let me! Most importantly, I will adore you.

We will be best friends. Because I'm a Savannah. A little bit of wild and a whole lotta love.

Our Story

We are a small TICA certified cattery, raising all our babies as members of our family, to best prepare them for your family. We are located near Spokane, WA.  Come visit us at our home or we can hand deliver to yours. Shipping is also available.

Add a little bit of "wild" to your home.

Savannahs are unique in that they are taller, longer, leaner and generally more athletic than your average cat. They are extremely intelligent, engaging and interactive with their environment. Most families tell me that they are everything they prepared for and so much more! If socialized well, as we do, they are wonderful with other family

pets and children.

Our Specialty

Standard and

Exotic Coloring

F4 and F5 Generations

Serval-like Black/Brown Spotted

Silver Spotted

Snow and Brown Marble